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Holset turbo for cummins

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If you feel the part has failed after installation you must send it back for warranty processing. Please contact us for further information on our warranties.

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Cart 0. Call Us Search. Menu Cart 0. Exact same part sold at the dealership. This is an exact, direct fit OEM replacement turbo. NOTE: This turbocharger package also comes with the gaskets. The most reliable way to make sure the model of turbo is finding the part number from the nameplate of your old turbo.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call us. Our factory technicians follow standard quality processes to ensure we only remanufacture the highest quality turbochargers and components. Resilient and hardworking Holset turbochargers go through extreme environments. We use a variety of techniques and equipment to ensure every part that goes into a Genuine Holset turbocharger meets Holset OE specifications and improved standards of performance.

Holset validation testing employs fail-safe processes to verify that performance and reliability of the finished remanufactured turbochargers meet Holset and OE original factory standards. Critical parts such as bore and shaft straightness are measured with tolerances as narrow as 1 micron, which is smaller than a strand of hair. Once the remanufacturing process is complete, Genuine Holset Reman Turbochargers are ready to be reintroduced to the field, where the true test of quality is performed.

The information you are looking for is on cummins. Customer Solution. Product Quality. Genuine Holset Parts. Performance and Safety Verification. Cost Benefits. Core Return. Environmental Considerations. Genuine Holset Reman: The Remanufacturing Process Genuine Holset Reman Turbochargers follow a rigorous process to ensure every part is examined, cleaned, tested and restored to meet Holset Original Equipment specifications.

Step 1: Core Acceptance A great benefit of Holset remanufacturing is you can get a lower priced Holset turbocharger by simply trading in your worn-out turbo and have a quick external visual inspection done. Step 2: Disassembly Holset turbochargers and parts are completely disassembled to prepare key components for processing � right down to the last screw, nut, bolt and spring.

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Holset wastegate turbochargers offer a cost-effective, reliable and durable solution for low to mid-power ranges. Wastegate technology helps to prevent turbocharger over-speeding, as well as engine over-boost. The well-engineered Holset wastegate turbochargers employ the same industry-leading design techniques used throughout Cummins.

The information you are looking for is on cummins. Holset Turbochargers. Redirecting to cummins. Thank you. We do not sell Holset knockoffs. If there is a rebuilt Turbocharger listed on this site, it is a remanufactered Holset Turbocharger and carries the same warranty as a brand new turbocharger. We will also be providing the latest in Holset turbocharger news.

We are filtering the turbochargers by the engine manufacturer that the Holset turbocharger was designed to fit on. Diamond Diesel Service only sells aftermarket replacement turbochargers.

We do NOT do retrofit engines that were not originally turbocharged and we do not sell designs or plans for doing so. Search by model number, engine manufacturer, engine model or year. All turbochargers are available for sale. Although there are a number of terms in the turbocharger marketplace that fall under the description of non-genuine, it is counterfeit product that proposes the biggest risk to the market, our Authorised Holset Distributors and your customers. A counterfeit product is a fraudulent imitation of a genuine product; designed to deceive the end-user by using identical packaging, logos, trademarks and labels.

Counterfeit turbochargers are a growing problem and are believed to have started in China but we are now seeing evidence of counterfeit activity worldwide. Cummins Turbo Technologies are serious about combating counterfeit activity and work closely with a specialist intellectual property IP lawyer firm.

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Cummins Holset Diesel Turbocharger Kits, Parts & Replacements. We are one of the few authorized Cummins Holset Turbo distributors, and as such, we take pride in providing you . Feb 24, �� Holset HEVE Turbocharger This is the stock turbo for the liter Cummins engines made between and It is part of the HE turbocharger model series by . Genuine Holset Reman Turbochargers follow a rigorous process to ensure every part is examined, cleaned, tested and restored to meet Holset Original Equipment specifications. The .