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Nuance textbridge pro 11

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Click on Scan to begin the sample scan. To make any changes to the page sizes, click on Advanced, make the changes and then click on Next. Click on Next to begin a scan in black and white mode.

Click on Next to begin a scan in color mode. If necessary, click on Inverse Image. Once the image appears correctly in the window, click on Next.

If your scanner cannot scan in color, skip this step. Click on Next to begin a scan in grayscale mode. Click on Finish Ease of use. The reviews rough results are presented in the following graph : 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 By leaving the mouse on a column for a few seconds, you can see the number of people who voted to make up the score that appears in the horizontal axis. Value for money. Brand or manufacturer:. Click this on any item on the desktop outside a dialog box or warning message.

Click the question mark button in the upper right corner of a dialog box and then click an item in the dialog box to see the popup window. Some dialog boxes or warning messages have their own Help button, or a help text. Click the button or the text to get information on the dialog or message box.

Web pages may also offer assistance on the installation process and troubleshooting. This guide does not include a glossary. The online Help has a comprehensive glossary, with its own alphabetical index and a table of contents. Please consult it if you want to find the meaning of a term used in this guide or in the program. This chapter provides information on installing and starting TextBridge Pro It presents the following topics:.

You need the following minimum system requirements to install and run TextBridge Pro These are present as part of the operating system in Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows The installation program should start automatically. Choose a language to use during installation. The program interface language is used for displays such as menu items, dialog boxes, warning messages and so on.

You can change the interface language later from within TextBridge Pro Follow the instructions on each screen to install the software. All files needed for scanning are copied automatically during installation. Note Sometimes uninstalling and then reinstalling TextBridge Pro will solve a problem.

See Uninstalling the software at the end of chapter 6. Before using TextBridge Pro 11 for scanning, your scanner should be correctly installed and tested for correct functionality. Scanner installation and setup are done through the Scanner Wizard. You can start this yourself, as described below. Click on Next. Click on Scan to begin the sample scan. To make any changes to the page sizes, click on Advanced, make the changes and then click on Next.

Click on Next to begin a scan in black and white mode. Click on Next to begin a scan in color mode. If necessary, click on Inverse Imageďż˝ or Missing Imageďż˝ and make the appropriate selections. Once the image appears correctly in the window, click on Next. If your scanner cannot scan in color, skip this step. Click on Next to begin a scan in grayscale mode.

Click on Finish. To change the scanner settings at a later time, or to set up a different scanner, or to test and repair an installed scanner, please follow one of these two methods to reopen the Scanner Wizard:.

See TextBridge Documents in chapter 2. See Direct OCR in chapter 3. We provide an easy electronic form that can be completed in less than five minutes. When the form is filled, and you click Send the program will search an Internet connection to immediately perform the registration online. If you did not register the software during installation, you will be periodically invited to register later. You can go to www.

Click on Support and from the main support screen choose Register on the left-hand column. Here are the main areas of innovation and difference compared to the TextBridge Pro Millennium release:. See page Image saving is now done from the File menu instead of from the Tools menu. Change character and paragraph attributes, tabs, borders and shading, and edit embedded graphics. See page 63 and page Each table row summarizes a page and you can define which columns of information to view.

Previously, suspect words were only marked. They store all images along with recognition results. This allows proofing, verifying, editing, additional processing and saving to be done in a later session or at any location where TextBridge Pro is installed.

This provides OCR services from the File menu of word processors and other applications. See page ix, page 34 and page Scanning mode black-and-white, grayscale, color is defined with the Get Page button. Training is no longer provided, since the extra accuracy deriving from multi-engine recognition more than compensates for it. You probably use your computer for business correspondence, preparing reports, handling data and an ever-increasing number of other uses. The challenge is that, in spite of the digital revolution, certain sources of information still circulate in printed, paper form and cannot be used immediately in a computer.

For example, if you want to incorporate information from a magazine article in a report you are preparing, you somehow have to get the text from the article into your computer. Painstakingly retyping the article is not an appealing solution. This chapter introduces you to the solution: optical character recognition OCR. It describes how TextBridge Pro 11 uses OCR technology to transform text from scanned pages or image files into editable text for use in your favorite computer applications.

Optical character recognition is the process of extracting text from an image. This image can result from scanning a paper document or opening an electronic image file. Images do not have editable text characters; they have many tiny dots pixels that together form character shapes. These present a picture of the text on a page.

During OCR, TextBridge Pro 11 analyzes the character shapes in an image and defines solutions to produce editable text. After OCR, you can save the resulting text to a variety of word-processing, desktop publishing or spreadsheet applications.

In addition to text recognition, TextBridge Pro can retain the following elements of a document through the OCR process. Font types, sizes and styles such as bold , italic and underlines are examples of character formatting. Indents, tabs, margins and line spacing are examples of paragraph formatting. Column structure, table formats, and placement of graphics and headings are examples of page formatting. The graphics, text and page formatting elements that TextBridge Pro retains are determined by the settings you select.

Refer to the Settings Guidelines in the online Help for more information about selecting settings. Note TextBridge Pro only recognizes machine-generated characters such as offset or laser-printed or typewritten text.

However, it can retain handwritten text, such as a signature, as a graphic. TextBridge Pro 11 handles documents one at a time. When you acquire your first image from scanner or from file a new document is started.

Further acquired images are added to the same document, until you save and close it. A document in TextBridge Pro consists of one image for each document page. After you perform OCR, the document will also contain recognized text, displayed in the Text Editor, possibly along with graphics and tables. For more information on screen areas, see the section The TextBridge desktop.

There are two main ways of handling documents: with automatic processing or manual processing. See chapter 3 Processing documents automatically and Processing documents manually. The basic steps for both processing methods are broadly the same:. Bring a set of images into TextBridge Pro. The image of the current page is displayed in the Original Image area. Perform OCR to generate editable text.

During OCR, TextBridge Pro creates zones around elements on the page that will be processed, and then interprets text characters or graphics in each zone. Manual and template zoning are also possible. Export the document to the desired location. You can save your document to a specified file name and type, place it on the Clipboard, or send it as a mail attachment. You can save the same document repeatedly to different destinations, different file types, with different settings and levels of formatting.

See chapter 5. The TextBridge desktop has a title bar and a menu bar along the top and a status bar along the bottom. It has three main working areas, separated by splitters: the Document Manager, the Original Image area and the Text Editor. The Document Manager has two tabbed panels: Thumbnail view and Detail view. Thumbnail view shows a picture of each page in the document. Page navigation buttons.

This displays the image of the current page, together with any zones automatically or manually placed on the image. Text Editor: This is displaying the recognition results from the current page in True Page view. Note To control which of the three views Document Manager, Original Image, and Text Editor are displayed, check or uncheck each view from the View menu or with the status bar buttons.

The TextBridge Toolbox lets you control processing. It can have three states, depending which of the three tab buttons on the left is clicked. In the picture, we display its appearance for Manual OCR. We show the program with a three-page document.

Page one is the current page, which has been recognized and proofed. Page two has been recognized but not proofed yet. Page three has been acquired and manually zoned, but not recognized yet. The icons at the bottom right of the thumbnail images show page status. Status bar buttons let you show, hide or rearrange the main screen areas and move to other pages in the document.

A right mouse click in any screen area brings up a shortcut menu with the most useful commands for that area. The Standard toolbar contains buttons and a drop-down list for performing standard tasks. It can be floated and docked to any edge of the TextBridge desktop. All these functions can also be accessed from menus. For concise information on any menu item, click the context-sensitive help button and then click a menu item.

A popup text explains the purpose of the menu item. Click anywhere to close the popup. The Image toolbar contains buttons that allow you to zoom in or out on the current image or to rotate it.

They also allow you work with zones and table dividers. See chapter 3, Manual zoning and Table grids in the image. Here we summarize the purpose of the buttons. The Image toolbar can be floated that is, undocked and moved anywhere on the desktop. It can be docked to any edge of the Original Image area. Tip You can also resize or rotate the original image with a shortcut menu.

Right click in the Original Image area outside a zone and select a zoom or rotation value. The Formatting toolbar contains buttons that allow you to edit recognized text in the Text Editor.

See chapter 4, Text and image editing. The Formatting toolbar always remains along the top of the Text Editor. This Toolbox lets you drive the processing.