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Feedback Blog. Made with optimal in San Francisco. Correlation Coefficient. Cognizant Technology vs. CbdMD Inc. HP Inc. SPDR Russell When MassMutual was asked by Computerworld about employee claims that they have to train their replacements, a spokesman said this "is not correct. Despite the denial, it appears to be going on, only by a different name. The outsourcing industry generally calls the process "knowledge transfer. The argument for calling this transitioning knowledge, versus training your replacement, is that the contractors know the underlying technology and applications and are not in need of technical training.

Instead, employees are passing along specific processes, methods and knowledge unique to the client company. But IT professionals subject to this are adamant about calling it what it is: Training your replacement.

The company is cutting some IT employees in a plan to outsource their jobs. Emblem refuted the idea that its employees were training their replacements. Employees who have been through "knowledge transfer" said there is no real back-and-forth discussion.

She lost her job after that firm shifted its work to a contractor. In the case of MassMutual, the Web sessions are typically followed with in-person shadowing, where the contractors and client IT employees take turns following each other. Another reason for the industry to call this knowledge transfer versus replacement training is to try to blunt the criticism over the use of foreign workers.

Some of these workers recently arrived from India, said two employees. The idea that there are visa workers at this site is supported by multiple Labor Condition Application LCA filings, which include salaries for visa workers and have been filed for the Springfield workplace, according to the online database maintained by MyVisaJobs.

The original intent of the now year-old H-1B visa program was to make foreign workers available to meet specific skill needs when a U. But the major users of the visa are offshore outsourcing firms.

IT employees at multiple firms, from different contractors, have voiced complaints similar to those from the MassMutual employees. But the practice is legal, and the Department of Labor has told lawmakers that it has no grounds for enforcement action. The MassMutual employees are either getting laid off over an month transition, or are being rebadged as Cognizant employees.

Any employee rejecting a job with Cognizant is left without severance. Rebadged employees get a one-year contract. In response to queries about its actions, MassMutual released a statement similar to what it released in April to local media.

The firm "continually reviews its operations to ensure we are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible to deliver the greatest value to our policyowners and customers.

At times, these decisions impact our staffing levels and when they do, we are committed to a thoughtful and respectful process. While decisions like this are never easy, such activities are necessary to meet the evolving needs of our customers and compete as effectively as possible both today and in the future.

MassMutual says it is "growing and hiring," and the effected IT employees can apply for other jobs at the company. Employees say that there is little expectation that many will find other jobs at MassMutual, or that those rebadged to Cognizant will become long-term employees of Cognizant. MassMutual laid off employees earlier in the year. Employees believe the motivation for outsourcing IT services is cost savings. In the absence of action by Congress to the use of visa workers in offshore outsourcing engagements, multiple lawsuits have been filed challenging the use of foreign workers to displace U.

Blackwell has embarked on one such effort. Some IT employees at Disney were displaced last year.

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Dec 19, �� Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation, a professional services company, provides consulting and technology, and outsourcing services in North America, Europe, and . Although defeated by Traveller's account by 2 wicket on 7/20/ the team still gave a big fight to take the game to the penultimate over despite with new. By analyzing existing cross correlation between Cognizant Technology Solutions and MASSMUTUAL RETIRESMART , you can compare the effects of market volatilities on .